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Gentle Eye Cream

Gentle eye cream with chamomile, limeflower and cornflower

Sparkling eyes show health, interest and perhaps a little mischievousness

Ideally, eyes should be shining, happy – it’s bright, twinkly eyes that fascinate and captivate us.

How often, instead do we find ourselves managing with cloudy, reddened, puffy eyes and bags or shadows? The strains and stresses of every day, especially staring at computer screens and pollution, can result in sore, puffy and tired eyes.

When that’s what you’re feeling, take it as a cue to refresh, cleanse and soothe.

Our eyes reveal so much about us, it’s worth spending a little time each day giving them special attention.

Delicate skin

The skin around the eyes is particularly delicate, so work gently when looking after your eyes and use the kindest of ingredients in your skincare. Take great care removing makeup, and be scrupulous about sterilizing equipment and use afresh for each eye.

There’s a lovely recipe in Vital Skincare for a gentle eye make up remover based on herbs macerated in plant seed oils.

Basic needs for healthy eyes

You’ll soon notice the difference when you get enough:

  • Sleep
  • Vitamin A
  • and silicon for healthy eyesight

Vitamin A cannot be stored by our bodies, so we need to ensure we’re consuming it regularly. You can do this through your diet and through topical applications in your skincare.

Along with these, it’s the usual: good diet, exercise, lots of water, less alcohol and caffeine.

Here are some more tips for healthy eyes


Eat dark green vegetables and orange yellow vegetables that are rich in caroteroides and citrus and kiwi fruits that are rich in vitamin C, and nuts, seeds and oily fish that are rich in Vitamin E


To make your eyes sparkle, massage the back of your neck for a few minutes by pinching the skin between the fingers.


Place thin circles of raw potato over the dark circles under your eyes, the potassium counteracts the darkness.


Rest your eyes periodically by gazing into the distance – the further away you look, the more relaxation it gives to your eyes.


Got a speck of something in your eye? – try blowing your nose, sometimes this moves the thing to the corner of your eye making it easier to remove.


Tears contain a high quantity of stress chemicals, that’s why most people feel better after crying.

Skincare for your eyes

Look after the window to your soul by applying eye cream each morning. Use your ring finger to ensure you work lightly on the delicate skin.

Here’s a recipe for a gentle eye cream that you can make and store in the fridge.

Gentle eyecream

1g dried chamomile flowers

1g dried cornflowers

1g dried limeflowers

10 houseleek leaves

12g rosehip seed oil

2g carrot tissue oil

1.5g emulsifier L

1g cetyl alcohol

0.3g Preservative Eco

0.25g vitamin E


First put the flowers in a pan and pour over 4 tablespoons of water, bring to the boil and then leave to simmer. Meanwhile, put the emulsifier and cetyl alcohol into the top of a double boiler and heat gently to melt. Next, crush the houseleek leaves and strain the juice. Then strain the flowers from their infusion. Add the houseleek juice to the melted wax, along with 1 tablespoon (15ml) of the strained flower infusion and the oils, stirring well. Replace the water in the bottom of the double boiler with cold water and keep stirring as the cream cools. Add the Preservative Eco and vitamin E and keep stirring until cold, before putting in a jar


Apply around and under your eyes each morning using your ring finger to ensure you work delicately.


Keep this in the fridge, it’s lovely to put on when cool, it will last for up to 3 months.


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