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Green Parent Winner: Award for Kiss It Better Cream

Winner Kiss It Better Cream

Another Award for Field Fresh Skincare

Kiss It Better Cream receives Bronze Award in the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards. 

Natural Beauty Bible
Green Parent magazine Natural Beauty Bible
Winner Kiss It Better Cream
Kiss It Better Cream wins bronze award in Baby Balm category of Green Parent Natural Skincare Awards

The Green Parent Magazine blog announced winners on 13th July. All winners feature in the Natural Beauty Bible, a separate publication distributed alongside the August edition of Green Parent Magazine (on shelves now).

Healing balm

Kiss It Better Cream
Field Fresh Skincare Kiss It Better Balm One-Pot-Kit

Kiss It Better Cream is a wonderful healing balm. Apply it to any bumps, bruises, scratches or itches.

‘Magic ingredients’

The ‘magic’ ingredients in Kiss It Better Cream include Horse Chestnut Seed oil (aka ‘conkers’). These are great for circulation and blood conditions.

Healing and protecting

You’ll also benefit from anti-septic, anti-microbial honey. Plus lavender, chamomile and clove essential oils, all calming and healing.

Soothing and softening

Softening walnut butter and beeswax make the balm soothing to apply and together the ingredients create a comforting scent.

Green Parent Favourite

Kiss It Better Cream was previously acknowledged by the magazine as one of the top skincare products featured in their Christmas Gift catalog.

Christmas Gift Guide
Kiss It Better Cream features in Green Parent Christmas Gift Guide

Buy It Now

Kiss It Better Cream is available to buy on the Field Fresh Skincare website either as a kit to make fresh yourself or freshly made for you. Each pot contains 50ml and will last for 6 months.

Kiss It Better cream is one of a range of Blend-It-Yourself skincare kits using fresh ingredients from plants grown in temperate regions which are great for our skin.

Using the kits you can make your own fresh, natural skincare in just 10 minutes. Once made, your balms will last for 6 months. Kits come with everything you need, including the pot and label.

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