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Limeflower – a brief spell of calm at the peak of summer

Lime flower and bract

Limeflower – Tilia Cordata (small-leaved lime), otherwise known as the Linden tree.

Lime or Linden Tree
Lime or Linden Tree

The lime tree (Tilia cordata) grows all over Europe. Relatively inconspicuous most of the year, despite their size, limes come into their own in July.  When their flowers open against delicate bracts, sweet fragrance fills the air and bees buzz in among their branches.

The honey made from lime pollen is especially good, do try some if you get a chance. You may be surprised to find it has a slightly minty flavour, absolutely delicious.

Also known as the linden tree, limes are said to date back 70 million years.

Taste lime flower

Lime tree leaf
Lime tree leaf

A simple way to try tasting limeflower yourself is by steeping a few sprigs in boiling water to make a tea.

In France this is a traditional bedtime drink, enjoyed from childhood onward – it’s probable the calming effects of limeflower tea have helped the health of French hearts more than red wine. It’s a good drink to have if you’ve a cold or flu as it promotes perspiration.

Fairytales and plants
Fairytales can help us learn about traditional plant associations

Traditional tall tales

Linden trees feature in many traditional folk stories, like the Herman Hesse tale of ‘The Three Linden Trees’. He describes them as intertwining into a gigantic crown. Read the story and you’ll find out the tree’s association with innocence.

Branch of linden flowers in garden


Limeflower is one of the most helpful of skincare plants.  Skin-conditioning, helping soothe skin and smooth out tiny wrinkles, it also fades freckles and improves circulation.

Summer every day

Using limeflowers brings the heart of summer into every day.

Known as ‘tileul’ in perfumery, it is used in many classic scents helping recall a bright summer’s day.

Parts to use

Use the flowers and their bracts. The flowers are at their best when just open and the stamens are full of pollen.

Special care

Avoid old flowers when making preparations as they may produce symptoms of mild intoxication.

Limeflower harvest
Limeflower harvest

How to find, grow, harvest

Limeflowers bloom and can be gathered for just a few short weeks in July, so do head out and find your local trees while you can. Collect the flowers and the bracts, they’re best when just open and the stamens are full of pollen.

Here’s a video of our lime flower harvest

Blend it Yourself Skincare

Soothing foot bath with lime flower.

Limeflower is one of the essential summer herbs infused in Field Fresh Skincare’s Summer Garden Handcream. Blending this yourself from the kit you can create the wonderful aroma of lime flower in your own kitchen.

Summer Garden Hand Cream 50ml pot
Field Fresh Skincare Summer Garden Handcream Freshly Made for You

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