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My favourite and most simple way to use rosewater

Damask rose is best for use with rosewater

Rosewater is a heavenly skincare ingredient. Fragrant and refreshing it can lighten a natural skincare blend while bringing a touch of flower-filled romance to the simplest products.

Using rosewater

There are many ways to use rosewater so it’s always worth having some in supply. It’s quite easy to make your own, but do be careful to store it well to have availability all year round. Here is a blog telling you exactly how to make your own rosewater.

Oil cleansing

A little bottle of rosewater kept to hand is wonderful as an accompaniment to oil cleansing. Splash it on afterwards to fragrantly hydrate the skin. This can be followed by a creamy moisturiser to seal in the moisture. You can vary the oils and moisturiser depending on whether this is your morning or night time routine.

If you’re new to oil cleansing, here’s a blog telling you all about it. For inspiration on a range of very simple oil cleansers you can make yourself, using your choice of plant seed oils to suit your skin, take a look at Vital Skincare by Laura Pardoe.

Night time routine

Night time oils, recipe in Vital Skincare
Night time oils, recipe in Vital Skincare

So a wonderful night time routine for me is:

  • Oil cleansing, using my Night Time Oils (you can find the formula to blend your own in Vital Skincare)
  • Followed by a splash of fresh rosewater (itself calming and soothing)
  • And finished with a liberal application of Marshmallow Dream Cream

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  2. I used to spray rose water over of my face for refreshment… it was a long time ago… I think I need to get rosewater back into daily use…

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