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Blend It Yourself simple Marshmallow hand cream

Marshmallow hand cream ingredients

Marshmallow in skincare

Marshmallow is a wonderful ingredient to use in skincare, such as this Marshmallow Hand Cream recipe. You can read more about its skin-loving properties here.

It’s a star ingredient in Field Fresh Skincare’s award-winning Marshmallow Dream Cream. This has a double dose of marshmallow: it starts with a marshmallow infusion which is added to a blend including marshmallow root oil. It’s super-easy to make Marshmallow Dream Cream from a kit.

Here’s another really easy Blend It Yourself using marshmallow root.

Marshmallow hand cream


30g marshmallow root

2 tbsp (30g) ground almonds

1 tsp (5ml) milk

1 tsp (5ml) apple cider vinegar


First make a decocotion of marshmallow root by placing it in a bowl and pouring over 150ml water, then leave overnight. Strain next day and use 1 tbsp (15ml) of the decocotion. Mix this with the almonds, milk and cider vinegar, beating them together until well blended. Put into a screw top jar.


Apply whenever hands feel dry.


Keep in the fridge. Will keep for 1 week.


Don’t dig marshmallow root from the wild for this recipe. You can purchase it easily (and pre-prepared) from various suppliers. Try here, for example.

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