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Wake up to Face the Day Cream

Field Fresh Skincare Face the Day Cream

Face the Day fans

We know that Marshmallow Dream Cream has the accolade of ‘best facial moisturiser’ (Janey Loves awards, 2017) but its sister cream – Face the Day Cream – has a growing fan base.

Happy Face the Day Cream fans include those with dry skin, oily skin, ageing skin and acne sufferers who’ve seen a tremendous improvement (#ditchthedrugs) through daily applications of Face the Day Cream.

Field Fresh Skincare’s creamy sisters of night and day have a lot in common. From the lavender in their infusion, their essential oil blends and the fantastic oils that support and feed our skin.

Here’s why Face the Day Cream is just as much of a winner.

The freshest start to the day: Face the Day Cream
The freshest start to the day: Face the Day Cream

Face the Day Cream gives the freshest start to the day

Face the Day Cream is packed with delightfully refreshing and relaxing herbs and essential oils, along with rejuvenating and nourishing plant seed oils.

The herbs and essential oils have been selected to give you a serene morning start: calmly apply your cream and you’re ready to Face the Day.

Put on your happy face
Put on your happy face

How can a face cream help your mood?

Great natural skincare is not only a practical healthy way to look after your skin, it also boosts your confidence and happiness. We’re not just talking in the L’Oreal ‘because you’re worth it’ sense. With the right skincare it’s more than simply ‘treating yourself’.

  • Confidence in your ingredients can give you a sense of assuredness, you know you’ve made the right decision.
  • Knowing about the plants contained in your skincare connects you to nature, especially if they’re ones you’re familiar with growing close by, with all the grounding benefits that brings.
  • In addition, if you blend-it-yourself, you know it’s the freshest it can be. And you know this isn’t a mass produced product, no one has suffered for you to have your joy. You’re minimising your environmental footprint through less packaging and skincare miles. All things you can feel good about.

But what’s so special about face cream?

For many people their most important skincare product is their face cream. In interviewing people about their skincare choices time and time again I’d be told that their face cream was the item they’d be most nervous about changing.

There’s a huge psychology behind this. The skin on our face represents just 2.5% of our overall skin, so if we were considering our skincare as simply a healthy way to help our skin perform its normal functions, our faces would never get the level of attention and caution that they do.

But of course that’s not what it’s about at all.

You are recognised by your face
You are recognised by your face

Facial ID

We’re so conscious of our faces because they’re the means by which we are identified. They represent us to the world. Anthropological studies show that babies recognise different faces within days of birth. So it may be a very small proportion of our skin to look after, but it’s the most important part in terms our perception of ourselves, and others’ perception of us.

Through our faces we display our mood, our receptiveness to others and, importantly our health. Signs of all these are unconsciously recognised by anyone seeing our faces. No wonder veils and makeup have been present throughout history as we seek to control the impression we do (or don’t) give to the world. The ancient popularity of disguises and deceptions with masques and fans see their modern counterpart today with Instagram filters, FaceTune apps and their like.

Weather front

Your face is exposed to the elements much of the time
Your face is exposed to the elements much of the time

Practically speaking, the skin on your face is open to the elements most of the time – in all weathers and conditions –  unlike anywhere else on your body, excepting your hands. Face creams therefore need to protect against the elements, which is why we often vary them through the seasons seeking more moisturising, occlusive options in winter and lighter, sun-protecting options in summer.

Show your face

With so much exposure: emotionally and to the elements, it’s clear why a face product is the item selected with most care and caution. The face cream we select has to perform well for our skin – we fear any obvious blemishes, rashes or reactions – but it also needs to make us feel great giving confidence and self-assurance which can shine out, just as the glow of healthy skin does.

For the past 100 years much of that assurance has a come through packaging and presentation. Beautiful jars and bottles, fabulous scents, glorious textures all help to make you feel wonderfully special. But sometimes they bear closer resemblance to the veils and filters. More informed consumers now rely on ingredient transparency to provide confidence in the product: knowing what’s in the cream, and why it’s good.


Face the Day Cream One-Pot-Kit
Face the Day Cream One-Pot-Kit


Face the Day Cream Ingredients
Face the Day Cream Ingredients

Face the Day Cream

Face the Day cream was formulated to deliver for your skin and your mood. It has the right locally-grown ingredients to  support the skin on your face. And it’s a feel-good cream, designed to give you calm confidence at the start of every day.

Calming infusion

Face the Day Cream starts with a lavender and limeflower infusion. Both calming and restful herbal influences.

Lavender flowers

Lavender is such a well-known and trusted herb, deployed in many situations both for relaxing (think of lavender-and-hops-stuffed sleep pillows or drifting off in a lavender infused bath) and refreshing (which is why we’ll slip lavender bags among our clothes or add lavender water to our iron). It therefore makes the perfect start to the day both settling and invigorating. As well as lavender flowers in the infusion, Face the Day cream has lavender essential oil in its blend.


Branch of linden flowers in garden

Limeflower is more a of a best-kept-secret. The limeflower we use here is the blossom of Tilia cordita, commonly known as the Linden Tree. The blooms appear in summer producing a sweet, heady scent which draws bees from all around. Less recognised in the UK, it’s a very popular herbal tea on the continent, drunk from childhood onwards for its calming, restful properties. It’s even said by some that the secret of the laid-back French attitude results more from their consumption of limeflower tea than red wine.

Inspiring essences

Along with the lavender essential oil, Face the Day Cream also has mind-settling frankincense essential oil and the zingier citrus scent of lemon essential oil to add a lighter touch of get-up-and-go.

Together all these herbs are designed to offer you a serene start to the day. Quietly and confidently applying your Face the Day Cream puts you in control: you can Face the Day.

Oil in a (Face-the-)Day’s work

With herbs setting the mood, fantastic plant seed oils bring the real skin benefits to Face the Day Cream.

Camelina oil


Camelina oil is an absolute star. This is the oil pressed from the seeds of a variety of wild flax. It helps skin elasticity and rejuvenation, meaning it’s great against wrinkles. It’s been used for these anti-ageing properties throughout history. Camelina oil is also a great emollient, quickly moisturising the skin but without ‘oiliness’ so it’s hydrating and moisturising – I think of it as the equivalent of giving my skin the cup of hot water and lemon juice I’m accustomed to each morning to rehydrate and gently wake up and refresh the system.

Keeping skin well hydrated is, of course, a key way to limit wrinkles and signs of ageing too. In terms of feeding the skin, camelina oil has lots of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins E, A and B. The high levels of linoleic acid bring a glossy luminescence to skin. Camelina oil is also considered to reduce redness in skin.

Rapeseed oil

Face the Day Cream also has rapeseed oil. This has both omega 2 and omega 6 fatty acids. We need to provide these essential fatty acids for our body – as they name suggests, they’re essential, but we don’t produce them ourselves. Typically we’ll look for food sources but adding them topically in our skincare is another good way of providing what our bodies need.

Borage oil


Borage oil is critical to the Face the Day Cream. It is pressed from the seed of the blue starflower. Did you know the little black dot on the starflower is known as it’s ‘beauty spot’? – it seems appropriate for such a beautiful skincare oil.

Borage oil’s major claim-to-fame is it’s astonishing levels of GLA (gamma linolenic acid). Evening primrose oil is the other oil prized for this constituent. GLA is important for keeping skin supple (so less wrinkles). It does this by providing prostaglandins which increase our skin’s tolerance of sunlight. Borage oil has 20-24% GLA, while evening primrose is at around 8-12%.

Borage oil is also soothing and great for dry skin. It will sink in quickly and soften skin, making it less prone to eczema and acne. Borage oil’s moisturising effect can help skin absorb oxygen and thus withstand disease.

Carrot tissue oil

Carrots are a wonderful part of a healthy diet, especially valued for their vitamin A content. Carrot tissue oil (basically, dried carrot macerated in sunflower oil) improves complexion and tone, creating a fresher appearance. It is also used to manage dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and rashes.

Face the Day Fresh

Start the day fresh with Face the Day Cream
Start the day fresh with Face the Day Cream

What sets Face the Day Cream apart from most others is that it is made freshly either by you (from an easy-to-use kit) or to order. This means the product formula can minimise or eliminate stabilisers, preservatives, colourings, fragrances and the like. Ingredients are there for the good of your skin alone.

Like all Field Fresh Skincare products, Face the Day Cream is made individually one pot at a time. Freshly made skincare has a vitality that you can’t get off the shelf.


Face the Day Cream is available to buy direct from Field Fresh Skincare
One-Pot-Kits cost £18 and contain all ingredients, pot and label so you can make your own fresh pot of cream in just 10 minutes.
Face the Day Cream is also available ‘freshly-made-for-you’ to order.

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