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Your guide to gifting blend-it-yourself skincare: Get just the right gift for the natural skincare lover in your life

How to select the perfect natural skincare gift

The gift of natural skincare.

Natural skincare is the on-trend gift for Christmas 2018. Read on to find out why and how to select the perfect gift.

The ‘it’ gift.

On our struggling high streets, one category stands out as a growing, buoyant market that excites its customers and sustains innovation and developing product ranges: Skincare.

The allure and interest in skincare is unquestionable. And it’s not just women who find interest in the new possibilities it offers. The sectors of the skincare market with highest growth are natural, organic skincare and male grooming. Both are booming markets.

So, if you want to give a gift that’s truly on trend, get yourself browsing the skincare department.

A personal gift.

While some have an eye for the wonderful packaging that often makes skincare an enchanting gift, others are nervous to select something so personal as a gift without knowing exactly what the recipient would like.

It’s fair to be cautious, everyone has their own unique skin, and their own preference in the scents and textures they enjoy. Indeed, our skins respond differently to products, things feel and smell different on each of us, so even if you’ve found the perfect product for you, it may not make the perfect gift.

When you’ve put time and thought into selecting a special gift, you don’t want it slipped unused into the ‘present draw’ or sent to the next raffle because it didn’t meet the needs of the recipient.

Thoughtful gifting.

Blend-it-yourself is a thoughtful way to give the gift of skincare. It enables the recipient to create the skincare that’s perfect for them. A blend-it-yourself kit thoughtfully provides everything needed to make a pot of cream or balm in an instant.

So, not only is it a beautiful skincare gift encompassing some pampering me-time, it’s also an inspiring gift offering some creative¬†me time.

Gifting a blend-it-yourself skincare kit says you’ve thought about them. You know they like to understand what they put on their skin, just as they think about what they include in their diet. And you care enough to want them to experience something really special.

Keeping options open.

Wonderful as it is to have everything you need all ready to go, if you’re not sure whether they’d prefer to make hand cream or face cream, lip balm or foot balm, there are other ways to gift natural blend-it-yourself skincare while keeping the end product more flexible.

Gift cards let them chose themselves and can be used to buy blend-it-yourself kits, made-for-you skincare or any of the equipment, books and ingredients available on the Field Fresh Skincare website.

Hands On Herbs provide the ingredients they can use while letting them choose how they want to use them. The boxes of herbs come with ideas and inspiration as to how to use them to make cleansers, masks, infusions and oils.

For a practical gift to ensure they’ve everything they need, take a look at the equipment we have, selected as great bits of kit just right for blending your own skincare.

You can bundle together equipment and the kits for a gift that’s truly ready to use.

Or why not open up a world of inspiration with the gift of the book Vital Skincare. It’s packed with natural skincare recipes and tips on how to use natural ingredients to look after your skin. Set them up for a great start to the new year with lots of fresh ideas to use right away.

Vital Skincare by Laura Pardoe - simple natural skincare using the ingredients that grow around us. Learn about the plants and herbs that give you a healthy glow.
Vital Skincare by Laura Pardoe – simple natural skincare using the ingredients that grow around us. Learn about the plants and herbs that give you a healthy glow.

Who’d appreciate a Blend-It-Yourself gift?

Blend-it-Yourself skincare kits are so simple to use you don’t have to worry about whether they’ll be able to do it. So long as they’ve got a saucepan, heatproof bowl and something to stir with they’ll be able to get along fine.

As a relatively new concept they really appeal to those who like something a bit different, they’re unlikely to have come across something like this before – so go for novelty and give them a fascinating surprise.

Are there are people on your gift list who appreciate natural food? Why not show them the ways of natural skincare you can prepare for yourself, which is just as good for you.

If you know people who like making and crafting, introduce them to another thing they can do in their own personal style.

Do you have a gift recipient who is troubled by their skin? They’ll thank you for the gift of Vital Skincare, the book that helps them work with their skin and provides lots of options of ways to blend skincare that’s right for them, with ingredients that work with their skin.

To add your own personal touch to a gift, why not make up the kit yourself and give them a freshly-made-for-them gift.

Or, you could spoil yourself and make sure you get the gift you’ll really enjoy.



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