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Houseleek Soothing Foot Soak

Here’s a lovely recipe for easing hard-working feet. It makes the most of leaves you can gather from hedgerows and the garden. If you set the infusion going before you head out for a walk, it will be ready to warm and enjoy when you get back and need it most.

Collect together equal amounts of leaves from geranium, lady’s mantle, comfrey, marshmallow leaves and houseleek – about 10g of each.

Put them in a large pan and pour over 3 litres of boiling water. Allow them to infuse for an hour or so. Then warm the water just to the temperature that’s comfortable for your feet.

Pour your warm infusion through a sieve into a bowl suitable for putting your feet in. Add a dash of cider vinegar and enjoy soaking.

After drying, rub generously with cream such as Double Mint Foot Cream that you can easily make yourself from the Field Fresh Skincare One-Pot-Kit.

(Based on a recipe from Kitty Campion)

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